Thursday, 22 December 2011

Christmas Cakes

Yesterday I finally got round to decorating the Christmas cakes I made for my friends.   

First up, Delia's Creole Cake with glazed nut topping.  Excuse the vile gold board,  the shop didn't have silver ones of the right size.


 Next, Delia's Traditional Christmas Cake. This one has a (bought) Father Christmas on the top, with various sugarpaste snowflakes and stars,  and some sugarpaste holly.  The top is possibly a bit over-busy I think. and I wish I'd used smaller holly leaves.  Too late now.

Finally, another Traditional Cake.

I've still got to decorate our own Creole cake.  I think I might try cutting it into 4x4 inch cakes and see what they look like when decorated.

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