Friday, 16 December 2011

Early planning backfire

Last year the weather in the days before Christmas was dreadful, and we were very lucky (and grateful to) our beef supplier and Ocado for battling the weather to ensure everything got through.

This year I thought I'd be Be Prepared.  We're having goose,  and that arrived early in December and was put in the freezer.  So far so good.  I've also started stocking up on non-perishables plus  the long-shelf life products like chocolates, drinks an nibbles, especially those that are on offer. Usually we get everything in the last couple of days.

I've now discovered that DH has drunk most of the delicious Fever Tree Mediterranean tonic water.  I've drunk a bottle of Crabbies cloudy ginger beer.   And, most suprisingly of all,  we've eaten both bars of white chocolate and I've munched my way through 6 bags of crisps.  I think that's probaby happened because I rarely have chocolate and I never have crisps in the house, and the temptation was just too much.  And who can stop at one bag of crisps when you have an open six pack sitting there?

So, I've had to re-add those to my Christmas delivery next week.

I need to get back on that treadmill.

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