Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Tilda. Again.

The Other Girls won't let Tilda get to the feeders while they are around.  This means that she doesnt get to see them operate the treadle and, as she has balance problems, she is taking a long time to learn it herself.

We tried all sorts of things.  The latest thing is that I stand her in front of the feeder and then gently, very gently, propel her forwards. She moves her feet, eventually one of them clips the treadle, and the feeder opens.  She then stands and eats.   If Custard spots her eating, she comes rushing over and pushes her off the feeder.  I've taken to standing with her in the morning and, more importantly, in the evening to make sure she gets her pellets.

Once I'm sure that she has worked it out, it won't be such a problem. Tilda will just wait until the others are busy before she goes and eats.  It's this learning phase that is tricky.

The new camera stopped working properly, it lost its vertical movement.  We'vetaken it out and contacted the supplier and we're trying to arrange for a replacement.   It was very helpful while it was working as we could see what the Girls were doing with the feeders (and with Tilda) when they thougth we weren't looking.  DH also set it up to record so that we could play back the morning eating to see who had learned to do what.

I'm sure my supporting Tilda isn't doing her any long term favours. I know I'm anthromorphasising the Girls, but I do image that they take their revenge on her when I'm not there,  a bit like spiteful girls in an all girls school. (I went to an all Girls school).

Removing the spiteful Custard won't help, as I've seen Florence attack Tilda as well.   I have thought about removing Tilda and getting her a companion,  but that may not work out either... and I certainly wouldn't be able to reintroduce her/them to the bigger group later once removed.

I've also accepted that I can't introduce any new Girls.  Tilda will be pushed even further down the pecking order, and I don't want to put her through that. 

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  1. I went to an all girls schoolalso and no I do NOT think you are imagining stuff! I have 3 ex battery hens who are so bitchy to each other it is untrue!