Saturday, 14 January 2012

A negg


Our first egg for aaaages.  A blue one, covered in poo (delightful!) from Milly.  I had thought she might be laying at some point because she crouched for me a couple of days ago.   However, her laying has been erratic for a long time, so it may be that this is our one and only egg from her.

The other girls don't look like they are ready to come back into lay. Custard is still moulting and looks like an ex battery girl; 

Roobarb has a lovely new set of feathers, but still has pin cushions around part of her head; 

 Florence has refeathered beautifully, but her comb is small and pale; 

Tilda (our special needs chook) has been sporting her gorgeous new feathers for months, they are lovely and soft and fluffy.... but her comb is very shrivelled and pale, so she doesn't look like she's planning to lay for some time. 

I don't mind them freeloading. Even if they've all given up completely (which is unlikely) they've all given plenty of eggs - and enjoyment generally - since we hatched them,  and they all entitled to a happy retirement with us. 

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