Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Choosing new bees

We've started to look at getting a new Nuc of bees.  A few ads in Beecraft and the BBKA magazine, for different strains of bees;  looked at posts on the Beekeeping Forum

Of course, all bees seem to be advertised as having the characteristics one would want: gentle, not too much propolis.... all the good traits.  Carniolan, Buckfast, Italian, British Black, whatever the variety, the adverts sing their praises.

The reality is that, to some extent,  it doesn't matter what you start with:  you have no control over what type of bee the Queen will mate with,  and the second and third generation Queen will determine the future temperament and characteristics of the hive.

Having been through a hive loss though,  and our angry colony last year, I think I'd have little hesitation in re-queening if we ended up with a bad tempered queen/hive. So I'm not as nervous as I was before we started.

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