Monday, 23 January 2012

Better this time

Back to the bike shop today, a much better experience.

They were busy again, but this time it was serving customers rather than socialising.   As soon as we entered, the chap on the counter (who was the chap who showed me the bike last week, not the chap from yesterday) looked up, recognised me and smiled,  and said Hello Mrs (name), I'll be with you shortly".

When he finished with the previous customer, he came straight round and got the bike,  and started fitting it for me.  

I cycled home.  Took me about a mile to realise that the gears actually have specific positions.  For some reason, I was under the misimpression that the gears were sequential (so you clicked one direction to go one gear up, or clicked the other direction to go one gear down).    This resulted in some interesting moments where I thought I had no gears at all (I was cycling downhill, and I now realise I had changed into First by mistake).

The upright position is sooooo much better than my previous bike.  I still wasn't 100% comfortable though.  To get into a comfortable body position I had to push my bottom right back,  so that it was off the back of the saddle.  I started to think that I had bought the wrong sized frame,  and I remembered all those for sale adverts I'd seen where the bike was the wrong size. I cheered myself up by realising that even so, it was more comfortable than my previous bike.

I got home, DH asked how it had felt,  and I told him about the saddle.  He told me it was adjustable backwards and upwards,  so he had at amending it for me.  It's now much better, and I'm a much happier bunny.   I need to go out for a longer ride so that we can do "final" tweaks. 

She is a lovely thing, and I'm really looking forward to taking her out again.

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  1. I think we need to see a photo of your new bike! Happy trails.