Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Glazing over

It's so lovely to be able to wholeheartedly recommend a company.

Eye tests for self and DH last week.  DH prescription has changed and he needs new glasses,  my reading has deteriorated and the next step for me will be varifocals.

DH ordered new frames,2 for 1 from a well known high street optician (chemist).  Cheaper than normal as he decided not to go for Transitions lenses,  but did have some coatings put on.  I decided to wait, I'll order new specs for me when I have time to let myself get used to the varifocals.

I wanted to try getting DH's older glasses reglazed.  It's always been more cost effective to order new glasses when we've enquired before,  so I wanted to try one of the many online services.

I did quite a lot of research, and eventually picked a company called Ciliary Blue.  DH's requirements were straightforward,  and the lenses were going to cost £30.  This was for Standard lenses (they also do thin, super-thin and ultra-thin) and included anti-glare scratch resistant coating, and a coating which helps the glasses repel dust. Without coatings this would have been £15.

I needed a bit of help filling in the online form, as the information from the prescription I had been given didn't correspond exactly to the boxes on screen.  The chap who answered the phone was very helpful (and he gave me a code to get a 10% registration discount),  and so I placed my order on Friday last week.  On Saturday, the posting box arrived; I posted it back on Saturday morning.  Today, Tuesday, the reglazed specs arrived.

Very happy with the lenses, and the service was fantastic.  Once I've made a decision about Varifocals and got them from my optician (as I want the aftercare  and the security of knowing that, because I'm switching to varifocals,  I can change mind within 30 days if I don't get on with them) then I'll use Ciliary Blue to get my old pairs reglazed with varifocal lenses.


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