Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Cracks me up

I ordered some china from Debenhams sale (60% off, plus cashback through Quidco, and free delivery).   A huge delivery arrived in between Christmas and New Year, which surprised me as I had only orderd a few items and was expecting one medium sized box.

It turns out that Debenhams wrapped and boxed each piece individually.  The delivery contained 3 side plates and 2 saucers (the rest was "to follow"), and the amount of packaging was unbelievable. 5 large boxes, and a huge bag of bubblewrap.

Today, the rest of my order arrived - 4 dinner plates, 2 cups, 1 side plate - in another huge delivery.  Once again, each piece was wrapped in huge quantities of bubblewrap, each in it's own oversized box.  

I put the bubblewrap into a bin bag to Freegle.

And, despite the individual packaging,  one of the plates is broken in half! 

I'm tempted to just send it back by courier, but the plates were such a bargain that I'm going to go to my nearest Debenhams to see if I can get a swap.

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