Saturday, 28 January 2012

Quick catch up

Nothing particuarly eventful happening here.

The butchery equipment was ordered, and arrived by next-day courier from Scobies Direct.  We're getting our next half-porker in a few weeks, so we're all ready now. Although I do need to order some more sausage casings - Scobies are a proper butchery supplies place, and they don't do sundries like casings in domestic quantities.  As soon as the date for the pork has been confirmed, I'll place an order with Weschenfelder.

We've had our eye tests.  DH is having new glasses,  and I've also sent one of his three-tests-ago pairs off to Ciliary Blue to be reglazed.   If that works OK then I'll probably get two other pairs of his reglazed as well,  as he tends to have pairs (with varying out-of-dateness of prescription) in different places.

I'm on the cusp of needing varifocals.  I'm going to wait for a little bit longer and then order a pair through my optician. The reason for waiting is that, whilst varifocals will make it easier for me to read without having to mess about, I will lose some peripheral vision. So, I'll wait until the messing about becomes a hindrance, and then try varifocals.   The opticians do them on a 30 day trial, so if I don't get on with them I will be able to get my money back.

I've had (or rather, DH has had) to make some adjustments on my Pashley.  He moved the saddle for me so that it was as far back as possible.  He didn't tighten it up enough though, which I discovered en route to the Post Office the other day.  Luckily it slipped gradually into the upright position, otherwise it would have made my eyes water a bit.   Still haven't got a name for her.  I'm hoping the weather will be OK enough to ride her in to town next week,  and that should inspire me.   (Mind you, I've heard that the UK as a whole is expecting snow!).

The Girls are mostly gettng on with the feeders. Florence and Roobarb are fine.  Milly hasn't got a clue though.  We realised - a little ate - that during the accustomisation process, she was eating from the side of the feeder, not treading on the treadle at all.  We put cardboard on the sides,  and the camera showed us that she was still contorting herself in from the side. We put bigger bits of cardboard on.  Now she eats when someone else has the feeder open.

We've put an extra hole in them so that they are open a teensyweensy way, just enough to see the food. When they are in this position, Custard and 'Tilda work out that they need to press the treadle.   When the feeders are closed (overnight),  they just haven't worked it out.   Even when the feeders are in the slightly open position, Milly won't step on the treadle. She streeeeeeeeeeeeetches her neck, twists her head on it's side, and pokes her beak in from the side.

So, we've gone back a half step and are leaving then on the new barely open position for a few days.  (So they can see but can't reach without pressing the treadle).    We're confident that Custard and Tilda will soon be joining Roobarb and Florence in the being-able-to-open-from-closed club;  we have no idea whether Milly will work it out.

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