Friday, 3 February 2012


I'm struggling to stay motivated with the treadmill this week (I'm in week 8), and I'm compounding the problem by sabotaging myself: eating crisps, chocolate, cheese....

I'm not losing weight (thanks to the snacking, which I didn't used to succumb to), and so I'm not getting  into the virtous circle of seeing the postive results.

The initial problem is, I think, partly because treadmilling for 2 miles (just over 30 minutes) results in me getting hot and sweaty, so I can't just do it at any time. Beginning of the day or end of the day is best...but I can't really do it at the end of the day because the noise of the treadmill makes it difficult for anyone else to hear the TV.

In addition, I'm finding that, when I'm on the treadmill, I really want to stop at about half a mile..the next half mile (15 minutes) it's a real battle. When I get to a mile, I'm ready to quit.  If I can make myself stay on for over 1.25 miles then it's marginally better.  

I need to work out a routine for next week that will try and overcome these issuettes.

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