Monday, 2 January 2012

Catching Up

Sorry, been a bit out-of-sorts for a few days (probably an overdose of sugar) and haven't felt like writing.

Popped round to see DS1, DDIL, and their two children yesterday.  Z (who is 4) had been watching The Lion King and came to the front door in floods of tears.  Poor little thing.  She cheered up eventually and was back to her normal bubbly self.

C (who is 1) was also gorgeous. He's walking now,  and he's of an age where I can pick him up with a good chance of not getting baby drool on me.  I'm pleased, as I do feel quite self conscious about my refusals to pick up babies. 

Today was the day for taking down the decorations.  This was done quite quickly, with everything neatly sorted and boxed in what must be a record time.  However, trying to move the furniture back showed up dust bunnies, cat hairs, and dust created by having a real fire, everywhere.  I spent several hours doing a fairly thorough clean (including under and up the insides of the sofas). 

The walls need repainting.  I considered  - briefly - doing it today  as at one point I had the sofas in the middle of the room so I had good access to two of the walls.  But I think I'll make it one of my first Spring jobs to do.

The living room looks very tidy;  the hall has lots of light coming in now that the ginormous wreath has gone from the door;  the kitchen looks a bit bare.

I walked the tree and wreaths round to the recycling point.  I always feel very mean discarding the tree and naked wreath. It seems so ungrateful somehow.

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