Sunday, 22 May 2011

Broody beauties

Florence has continued to be broody for longer than I can remember.  The chicks are 6 weeks old now, and she was broody before they had their first outside experience, so it must be about 4 weeks.  She has been taking care of herself - coming "off" the nest a couple of times a day for a poo, feed, drink, dustbathe and leg stretch,  but she's definitely lost weight.

For the last couple of days I have been hoiking her off the nest box many times a day, in the hope she would finally give up. She didn't.

This afternoon I got the broody cage out and set it up in the main run. It's a large Saavic dog crate, and it folds up in seconds.    After a couple of hoiks this morning, I finally put her in it, along wth water, feed, a hanging treat feeder and some vegetables.  I hate doing it.  I checked her every 45 minutes.

Then, after laying her egg this morning, Milly decided to go broody as well.  She was in the nestbox (before having laid) when I hoiked FLorence out.  I realised soe hours later that she was still on there.  She's on day 1 of being broody, as she laid today and then just didn't want to get off the egg. So I ended up putting her in the broody cage with Florence. Good job it's big enough.

I let them both out again at 5.45pm, as I don't really want to make them stay in it overnight if I can avoid it.

I hope they snap out of it, I feel so mean.

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