Sunday, 15 May 2011

The chicks are now coming up to 5 weeks old.   They are looking more like very small chickens rather than big chicks.
We've given them a large part of the garden, over 20feet by 12 feet, including 2 flower beds.   About a week ago, we moved them on to big feeders (as well as having the standard Cube feeders). Since this picture was taken, we've had to raise the feeder up by standing it on bricks - the chicks are growing fast. I just love their cute fluffy knickers.
As well as their Cube, we've put the Go in their netted area. It was in there originally as  a temporary retreat for one of them who had been injured.  We realised that some of them like to sit on or in it during the course of the day, so we've left it in there for now.
I also put an old garden chair in their area.  They love it, and it's surprising how many small birds it can accomodate, all at different levels.

In fact, the chair is such a useful item that we now put it inside the Cube's run, if the chicks have to be shut in at all.   Although to our human eyes it seems to take up a lot of space,  in fact it provides a huge amount of extra perching space versus the actual area the feet take up (if you see what I mean)
Sometimes, when we get back and open the Cube run so they can all run out,  they actually just carry on perching for a while. They look like they are busy having a bit of a natter..
We're still getting the usual jostling for position in the chickeny hierarchy, but it's normally just a quick spat.  Hopefully they have plenty to keep them otherwise occupied

Checked them all over yesterday,  and changed the rings on some of them.  All but one are now on 12mm rings.

We're reducing the length of time the Electric Hen is on over night, starting tonight.  babies are growing up!


  1. This is so adorable! I love the pictures of all their fluffy butts around the feeder. You know, my chickens never get up on my chair. Isn't that odd?

  2. They are soooooo georgeous!!!

    They are definately looking like mini chickens!

    Keep up the good work!

    Hope your husband is ok today after the sting session!

    Wishing you full supers and nestboxes!!

    Martin :) :)

  3. They look lovely Hazel and growing fats

  4. Thanks you for sponsoring me Hazel :)

    OOops, just noticed the typo in my last comment, that should have read 'fast' *blushes*