Friday, 6 May 2011

Next size up

Last night we were pleasantly surprised to see the a number of the chicks take themselves back up the ladder and into the Cube at the end of the day.  The Electric Hen (EH) was in there,  is in there and on all day, just in case the chicks need it).  We discussed whether to let them sleep overnight in the Cube now. 

It was tempting. It would make evenings and mornings much easier, as we wouldn't need to ferry 33 chicks to and from the shed.    It would also mean their waterers would remain cleaner (thety get a few bits of Aubiose in them in the shed brooder).  But they are a but young.

We did a chick-by-chick inspection,  and changed the ring sizes for many of them.  I also made some notes about the extent of the feathering etc.

It won't be long before we let them camp out. Still with the EH of course.

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