Saturday, 7 May 2011

Moving up

Last night, many of the chicks took themselves to bed in the Cube.  Rain is forecast for the next few days, and DH and I discussed what was best to do.

In the end, we decided to leave them in the Cube overnight.  We put a thick fitted rain cover over the length of the cube run, it goes most of the waty down both sides.  The idea was that, although the grass could do with the rain,  we wanted to keep the area in the  Run dry.

Last night we had rain. Lots of rain. Thunder. More rain.   Poor chicks, I thought. Maybe we should have left them in the shed!   But we had made the right decision.

It was still raiing this morning, but we were able to let them out into the dry run.

It's not raining now, and it's been heating up.  I let them out into their free-range area a few minutes ago, and they all came tearing out.    They had their mad few moments of running around with their wings stretched (like little children pretending to fly), and then settled down - mostly - to eat.    

They do exhibit some funny flock behaviours. Every so often, someone will run to a completely different part of the pen, and then they all swerve and go chasing after, wings flapping wildly.

They are starting to move from being large chicks to being small chickens.

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