Monday, 2 May 2011

Ready for the next step

We put the chicks away this evening and, as soon as they were tucked up in the shed brooder, we set about removing the Go and replacing it with a Cube.  We wanted to put the Cube in the same position as the Go, leaving the netted area as it was when the chicks went to bed, in the hope it causes less confusion tomorrow.

Everything is in place. The Go is now on the patio. We won't dismantle and clean it until we're sure the Cube is going to work.

Tomorrow, before we put the chicks out, we'll put the Electric Hen in Cube.  We'll also start by introducing the chicks into the Cube itself, and then we'll let them out throught the Cube's pop hole.      

A bit later on in the day, we'll put some lettuce at the top of the Cube's temporary ladder, to encourage them back up.

Here are some pics of the set-up:

We've no plans to get the chicks to stay in the Cube overnight just yet, we'll see how it goes and what the weather forecast is.

Fingers crossed!

1 comment:

  1. I can't believe how quickly they've grown!

    Set up looks great as usual!

    Martin :)