Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Birds and the Bees, PS

I forgot to mention that we decided to leave the fence between the two Established flocks open.  So, they can all mingle around together,  thereis a coop at each end so they can decide where they snuggle down at night and who with. We will keep a close eye on the Laydees to see if we need to put saddles on them.  In the meantime, we know they are light enough, and flighty enough, to be able to jump up on to one of the shelters, out of Roo's way, if they don't want to be near him.

It would be helpful if they did decide to become one flock,  as we may start a second breeding flock with a Cockerel from this year's hatch - assuming we find one with a lovely personality as well as stunning looks.

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