Thursday, 5 May 2011


I haven't seen the bees since before DH transferred them to their proper hive.   I've been on chick-duty.

Things are progressing well.  DH put a second brood box on top of the first brood box,  and the Girls quickly drew out the wax frames.  Soon the Queen was laying in there, and we had some stores.     So, DH put a Queen-excluder (Qx) underneath the new brood box so she couldn't go back in there,  and also put a super on top.  Now we have a Qx on top of the brood box as well as the Girls have been busy drawing out the frames in the Super.

Later we were advised that we could have just swapped the boxes around and used one Qx,  which was obvious once it had been pointed out to us.  Never mind.

Now that we have the chicks in the Cube during the day, I think I'll try and go with DH next time he does a full inspection and see if I can take some pics.

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  1. Really looking forward to pictures of the bees!!!