Saturday, 7 May 2011

Cat Acne

Did you know that cats can suffer from Acne? Neither did we, until earlier this week.

Izzy, our partially white cat, is always getting grubby.  She lies in mud, in oil, all sorts of Unmentionables.   Sometimes she cleans herself up quickly, sometimes it takes a couple of days of concentrated washing for her to regain her Persil whiteness.

A couple of weeks ago she was a bit grubby from lying in wait for some poor unsuspecting rodent or other.  Most of her gradually cleaned up, but she had a bit of "five o clock shadow" under her chin  A couple of days passed, and we noticed that her shadow seemed to be growing.  DH had a feel around, and found a spot or bite under her chin.  We were concerned that she'd been injured and it would fester, so we made an appointment at the Vets.

The Lovely Lady Vet took a look and pronounced that it was Cat Acne.   Apparently, it's quite common. I googled it later,  and found that it really is common.  Upon inspection there were lots and lots and still more little blackheads under her chin.  Izzy was given an antibiotic injection, and we have some liquid to dilute and apply daily.  

Several days on, and it's improving.   She hates having her chin done,  and DH so far has been volunteered to be the Wicked Person who does it.

I'm not going to post pictures.

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  1. Poor wee thing. One of my cats once had that; I squeezed a couple which didn't go down at all well, then just applied hooman spot cream to the others and they went. I understand that it's because they find it very hard to clean under their chip... well, I certainly clean under my chin!