Monday, 2 May 2011

Clever little monkeys

So, this morning DH constructed a ladder to go over the Cube ladder. This one had treads very close together.

Next step was to see if we could teach the chicks to use it.  We propped it up agains the Go run, and I putan enticing lettuce at the top.

A few minutes later, I saw that one of the chicks was eating the lettuce. Hurrah! I came into get my camera, and then I just had to laugh as I saw another chick climb up the vertical sides of the Go run (like Wallace in the Wrong Trousers) wings flapping to keep balance.

So, I moved the ladder to some of the netting, propping it up against a pole.

Shortly afterwards there was a bit of a "monthers meeting" underneath the ladder as the chicks were obviously trying to work out how to get to the lettuce...
...then someone was at the top (although I don't know if they jumped or climbed)

Some chicks underneath tried jumping up to reach the lettuce from below,  and some just waited for bits of lettuce to fall.

Eventually we had a few chicks at the top, so that was fine.

Next step is to try the Cube.


  1. We are going to purchase a Cube for Christmas to go with our Go. Did you change the ladder on the Cube? I'm worried about it having such wide slats and was thinking of adding wire to the top of something.

  2. Great pictures as usual!

    They are much more clever than people give them credit!!

    Martin :)

  3. HI Alexis
    The cube ladder is fine for normal chickens, they get used to it very quickly.
    We've put a modified ladder on the cube for the chicks because they will find it harder (although not impossible) to climb it because they are still very small. When they get bigger, we'll take our home-made ladder off. I'll post some pics when we've put the Chicks' cube together.