Sunday, 8 May 2011


Now that the chicks are happily settled in the Cube and its run,  we have a window of a few days where it is possible for us both to be out at the same time.  This is because they are still small enough that being shut in to the Cube run for a short period of time isn't a problem.

So, I went down to the Allotment with DH to do a bee inspection.   And to say hello to the chooks, as I haven't seen them for a while.

I tried to take some photos, but the combination of the strong sunlight and my mesh veil made it very difficult,no, impossible,  to see what I was snapping.   I took5 photos, and only 3 of them are even  vaguely worth sharing...but here they are anyway:
Looking down into hive

My first attempt at a close-up of a bee.

Brood frame showing a lot of "sealed brood". Sealed brood contains pupae, which will emerge as bees. Many of the other cells contain larvae (which haven't turned into pupae yet), and some will contain eggs (which haven't turned into larvae yet_

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