Saturday, 19 July 2014


Well, I've done it.

I  have finally ordered a Thermomix.

I've been considering a Thermie for 18 months or so now. I read up about it, watched lots of YouTube videos,  looked at sites where people hadn't got on with it, and I started saving up.  My Quidco cashback,  Ebay sales, voucher sales...  I even sold my Vitamix in anticipation of switching to a Thermie, and that gave me the extra cash I needed.

I managed without the Vitamix, and began to question whether I should bother buying a Thermie at all.

I wondered about whether a new model would be introduced and how I'd feel if I'd just bought an "old" one. 

I finally booked a demo.  I had chicken pox and had to cancel.

I tried to reschedule, but it was proving difficult to get a date and time that suited me.   I eventually booked a date in August.

Then Thermomix had an offer on their cookbooks, valid throughout July until the 25th.   I wasn't happy.   Was this stock clearing ready for something bigger, better?    

I rescheduled my demo to the 18th July anyway, at my house,  and invited a couple of people I thought might be interested.  My brother and my aunt both own Vitamixes and, whilst I didn't think they would particularly want to buy a Thermy, I was interested in what they thought of it.  I invited my neighbour - she already knew about Thermies because one of her friends owns one.   It was important to me that DH was there too. He never used the VItamix, and I didn't want the same thing to happen if we bought a Thermie.

By the time we got to the morning of the demo, I had pretty much decided I wasn't going to buy one yet. I'd heard rumours (which have been circulating for some years) that a new model was imminent.  

The demo was really really good.    I was more impressed than I expected to be.  It knocked the spots off a Vitamix.
I decided I'd buy one.  If a newer, better model comes out, I'll worry about that at the time.

I hope I like it.  I hope DH uses it.

I guess we'll see....

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