Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Hot hen

Matilda spends her days in the depths of the Pampas grass, where it is relatively cool.  She moves around in thre during the day, and several times a day I move her yoghurt pot and her drinker to be near her.  I also dunk her beak, which she hates, trying to make sure she drinks.

She's been coming to the back door quite late. On a couple of occasions, I've thought she's going to stay out. That's fine, but I would have moved her to the safety of the Go Up (but not "up") if she wanted to stay out. 

I gave her a quick bath today. Her undercarriage was a bit sniffy,  and I thought it would help her cool down. She seemed to appreciate it.

Today whem she came in, she looked a bit dehydrated. Her comb was a bit small (smaller than usual).  She wouldn't drink, she didn't want Pog (Yoghurt. Yoggy Pog. I know, it just happened!).  I found a couple of cucumber ends in the fridge.  Normally I get them out and cut them into small squares so she can bolt them down.  I bliized them today so they were very small pieces, and put them into a coop cup.  She ate lots of it.

I had to stand with a torch shining on the pot so she could find it.  Chickens don't see well in the dark, and Tilda is also selectively hard of seeing.  Believe me, if it was pitch black and I rolled a grape near her, she would see that and gobble it down.  Everything else, not so much.

I might leave the fan on for her tonight.

Is that a bit much?

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