Sunday, 13 July 2014

Fiddlers Elbow

It's been a sunshine and showers day so far.

When the sun is out it is really hot.  Then the clouds creep over, it goes a little cooler, and then it rains.

I love rain  when it's like this, it's so refreshing.

However, when you have naive baby chickens,  it's a bit of a pain.   It takes them a little while to realise that it's wet. This is made even more difficult because of course they don't really understand what "wet" is.

When I see rain spots, I rush outside.  Some of the babies will already be back in the dryness of the Cube's covered run.  Some of them will even have grabbed an early spot on the top of the Electric Hen.

There are also one or two little chaps who just don't understand.   

We have a cherry tree behind the Cube, which is impassable (on the inside of the netting) by humans.  It's perfectly passable by small chickens.    I walk round the Cube run, effectively chasing the reluctant baby towards the run door.  When I get to the cherry tree, I can go no further.   And of course if I go round the other way,  the same thing happens.

There is a little door at the back of the run..but if I open it, I know some of the nosier babies will just have to come outside and see what's happening.

I think I might put my pedometer back on and see how many steps it actually takes me.  Twice this morning so far.

Ot I might just find something to block up the littlun's escape route. Why didn't I think of that before?

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