Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Growing Up

A couple of days ago we pegged some close-mesh netting out so that the chicks could start to experience life outside the run.   They love it!

At the same time, we put out one of our Grandpas Feeders, the idea being that we want them to get used to it right from the get-go rather than having to move them over to it later.  After one day, we removed the other feeder so the only feeder they have (when not in the shed) is this one.

Because it is in the locked-open position, they have no trouble using it. Here they are aged 4 and a half weeks.

It will stay like this until they are heavy enough to operate the treadle, when we'll move it to the partially closed position. That'll be another week or two I expect.

EDITED TO ADD: The newer Grandpas Feeders have a grill. This is designed to prevent birds flicking the feed out, but would also have the added advantage of preventing the chicks from getting in to the feeder.

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