Thursday, 3 July 2014


So I finished the stripping yesterday evening, and we moved the AV stand into the hall. Izzy decided to have a roll on the floor, which was a bit annoying.

Downstairs is chocablock with "stuff". 

This morning we moved the sofas outside.

O M G!  

We have two x two seater sofas, with electric recliners in all seats.  The sofas weigh a tonne!  We had to use a sack barrow to lift up one end.

I then saw some scuff marks on the floor, and I had to use the remover, all over again.  I tried using the cyclinder Vax to rinse the floor,  wil be interesting to see if it worked.

We had the french windows open, and the ceiling fan going, and it dried out fairly quickly.  I then gave it it's first coating of Refresh (previously known as Dim Glow).  Waited 30 mins, and applied the second coat in the opposite (lengthways) direction.   The french doors now have some mesh across them to prevent the cats going in for a look around.

We just have to wait 6 hours for it to set enough to move stuff in.

I'm going to do the kitchen and hall next, but I think I'll wait for a day when DH isn't here.  There isn't much to move out of the way, so it should be fairly easy (apart form the long wait). I can barricade the cat flap, and give the cats their food outside. Or something. 

First things first.

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