Saturday, 19 July 2014

Monty Python

My Aussie DIL absolutely loves Monty Python.  For her birthday, her lovely husband (my DSS1) managed to get tickets to see the team perform at the O2.

And they very kindly invited us to join them!

How lucky was that?!

We decided to drive to the O2. We usually get a train and either the tube or boat.  It was too hot for standing around waiting for trains and tubes (and would be worse on the way home). Besides, we have prevuously found it difficult to get back to Waterloo in time to get the last train home.

Overall, driving wasn't much longer (door to door), and we had the benefit of air-con all the time.

Some people had dressed up for the occasion, they looked great but must have been sweltering. I particularly admired the couple dressed as cardinals from one of my favourite sketches.

The show was marvellous.

Everything was "brilliant!".

The staging was great, everything was really well designed.  We had excellent seats, but even if we hadn't, the screens would have meant we were able to see.

The chaps looked like they were really enjoying themselves. Terry Gilliam's graphics were cleverly interwoven, as were recordings of sketches involving Graham Chapman.

Absolutely fab.

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