Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Feeder change

We heard that kazoo sound this morning, which means that one of the Boys is trying to crow.    It won't be long before all the boys are trying to crow,  and from there it's but  amon=ment to them all managing to do it.

I previous years, the kazooing has been the signakl to ship them off to the allotment.

Except we're not ready.

The Allotment is ready.  They coop there is ready,  the ground has been rested since Spring.   But we're a bit behind with training them touse the Grandpas feeders, they are still on the "partially open" step.   We rectified that this morning, so we're watching to see whether everyone can use them.

We have one chook who still insists on climbing inside the feeder. He's quite large, so it is a bit of a squash for him, but he still does it.  

I contacted Richard from Grandpas Feeders a few weeks ago.   I wanted him to have some pics of chicks happily using the GPs.   Richard mentioned that the GPs now come with a grille which prevents chooks from getting inside, and he offered to send me one to try.  Retrofitting would be a bit tricky, he said, but could be done.

The grille arrived.

It looked familiar.  "Are you sure we didn't get one of these with the last feeder we bought?"  I asked DH.

I looked online to see how they were fitted. The online instructions didn't mention anything about fitting them. I looked at the grille.  It must just slot in to a new feeder,

We were getting ready for our Allotment's annual summer barbeque.  DH went to get the coolbag down from the shelf in the utility room.  He came out with the coolbag, and a grille, and a bit of a grille.

I went out and checked the feeders in the Big Girls run.  One of them had fixings for a grille.  As did one of the feeders in with the Chicks.

So fitting the grilles took seconds.

And now we're waiting to see how long it takes the chicks to work out  the treadles.

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