Wednesday, 2 July 2014


It's time to re-protect my Karndean living room floor.  It's been time for a couple of years now but, somehow, I just haven't managed to get around to it.  The stripping and prptecting is actually quite easy,   requires a bit of elbow grease and time to dry, but it isn't difficuly.    

The problem is the preparation.  Emptying the room. 

Anyway,   decided that I was DEFINITELY going to do it, as soon as the weather was dry enough for us to stand furniture outside for the day.    

And I'm going to do it tomorrow.

I know from past experience that it takes hours to empty the room.  This is because it isn't just a case of moving, say, the display cabinet; no, the cabinet has to be emptied first, and then be unscrewed from the wall.  And the printer cupboard, the paper drawers need emptying. .  And storgae things behind the sofa need moving.  It all adds up.

In previous years, disconnecting and moving the AV equipment has taken a couple of hours on it's own. This time that  shouldn't be the case, as we should be able to unplug from the wall and move the whole trolley out.

I've spent several hours this morning emptying the display cabinet thing, and the printer cupboard, and sorting the contents.  I've put stuff in the bin, stuff in the charity-shop box, and organised the rest.  I've moved the stuff from behind the sofa.     My PC station is ready to roll away. 

The real killer is going to be moving the cross trainer. 

My plan is that this evening, before bed,  we'll move out everything that isn't going outside for the day.   Then tomorrow morning, we can spend half an hour (ha ha) moving the stuff that needs to stand on the patio for the day,  then I can do the floor stripping.   We can have breakfast while that is drying.  Then I can get the two coats of protector on before lunchtime.  And then in the evening sometime, we can put (some of) the stuff back.

We'll see how it goes.

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