Thursday, 3 July 2014


We heard Tilda grunting, long before she came round the Pampas corner.

When she materialised, she was panting heavily and obviously stressed with the heat.  There is plenty of shade where she had been but she had chosen to sit in full sun. At least, I assume so. 

She headed inside the Pampas.

I went out to see her.  I gave her some water.  I got a cool wet towel and wrapped it round her.  I cut up cucumber and held it in my hand while she ate. It took a while.  I made up some more water with Avipro (which is a water additive for reptiles and birds, for stress) and droppered it in to her.

I came back into the house and saw that my arms had rather caught the sun.

A rummage in the cupboard unearthed some children's factor 50 "tear free" water resistant sun spray. I sprayed.  Then I bit my lip.   For quite a long time.  Liars!

It may be that it shouldn't be applied when one has already caught the sun.

Or it may be that I had a lot of weals on my arm from the Pampas.

Whatever the cause, it made my eyes water.

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