Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Goodbye Mrs

Our oldest hen, Mrs, died during the night.   She was 5 years old, and the last of our very first foray into hatching eggs.   She was the mother of Tilda, who died last week.

Mrs, wearing a saddle to protect her
Spitting image of her daughter, she was also a hybrid whose "breed" has been designed for  a short life.  

Because she had been handled so much from birth, she was a very friendly and amenable girl.  She was happy to be picked up, loved treats, and was never any trouble.

She stopped laying eggs a long time ago (although I thnk we did get a surprise one from her a few months ago). 

Mrs and Roo as chicks
We were surprised that she reached 3, as her odd shape and stumpy little legs got a little stiff, but she never looked unwell. 

We were even more surprised when she reached 4, last year,  and then were further amazed that she came through last winter still looking bright eyed and alert. 

We had assumed that this was likely to be her last year... but then I we thought that last year too. 

   She had a very long and, I think,  happy retirement.

Mrs, on the path outside the allotment having a nibble
Apart from her age and stiffness, there were no signs of illness, and I am once again grateful that she died quickly and peacefully.

She was a lovely Girl.


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