Wednesday, 23 July 2014

I love DPD

We get lots of deliveries. 

Neither of us enjoys going shopping - too many people,  cars,  shops not having what we want - so we tend to shop online.  I sometimes use deliver-to-store where I can get to an out-of-town outlet with easy parking, but that only works (for me)  for a limited number of retailer.s

Everything else is delivered, and so we have experienced many, many couriers.

My favourite is DPD.

I like DPD because we get an email giving us a 1 hour timeslot.

That, on it's own, would be enough.  But they also tell us the delivery driver's name (and we usually get the same chap), and the tracking is great.

The tracking link tells us what delivery number we are, and what number our driver is currently delivering. It also estimates how long it will be before he gets to us, this further narrowing down the window.   And we can even see exactly where his vehicle is.

Most of the time we're not eagerly awaiting delivery. It's just stuff.

But today I'm getting my Thermomix.

And they use DPD.  Fantastic!

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