Friday, 19 July 2013

What on earth......?

Later this afternoon, Tilda decided she wanted to get into the Big Girls paddock. She has done this before,so I lifted her in and she took up residence under a spiky shrub.

Later on,the Girls were whingeing for their treat so I shut them in their run with some corn. Tilda stayed put and rejected my suggestion that she might want to come out.

Later still, the Girls were at it again. It was still hot, so I let them back out.

Even later,they started AGAIN, so they were shut away with some foraging treat. 

I tried again with Tilda. She started walking in front of me, then she halted by the spare cube - the run she was put in the other day when we went out. I explained to her that she couldn't go in there overnight as it now had a cube attached, not the bungalow Go.  I opened the side gate so she could go out into the garden,  and the little madam rushed into the cul de sac between the side gate and the cube run!

I hoiked her out and made her walk out of the paddock. She stopped by the walk-in run door. Now, we've had this conversation before.  Last time she did this, I gave in and opened the door for her and, right on cue, Custard had rushed over and pecked her so hard that Tilda's head was on the floor. I reminded Tilda of this, but she obstinately stood there.

I walked back to the house and left her.....

to be continued.....

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