Thursday, 4 July 2013

Did it make a difference?

We removed Milly, late in the afternoon, on Monday.  After the deed was done,  I laid her body in the Girls' run - much to the raised eyebrows of DH.   I wanted the Girls to be able to see that she was dead, not as a warning - but really just so that they would know she'd gone and wasn't coming back.  

The three big Garden Girls came in, took a look, and then wandered off.   I got Poppy off the nextbox and put her in, she didn't seem to take much notice.  Lotti had a look and then just started scratching around.  I put Tilda in, and she walked past and didn't seem to notice.  As soon as they had all seen her, I took the body away.

I wasn't sure what to expect in terms of behaviour changes.  I guess I was expecting (and am still expecting) trouble, as the Big Girls try and decide who is now Boss.   I was expecting Millly's Lieutenant, Custard, to take over as chief bully.

Actually it was quite quiet.

Lotti went up to bed before the others.  She was (presumably) ejected when the others went to bed, but later when I checked on the cam, she was in the cube.  Fluke?  Maybe, but it happened again on Tuesday night and Wednesday night.

Poppy wasn't attacked on Tuesday or Wednesday when I made her get off the nest box and join the others. 

On Monday evening, when I shut the Big Girls in their run, Tilda wanted to go in with them.  She got a big peck on the head from Custard, so I wouldn't let her go in.  On Tuesday, however, she was in there with the others all afternoon  She didn't want to go in the Run yesterday, preferring to sit under the Pampas.

Maybe it is OK now?   Or maybe we're just waiting for a coup.

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