Tuesday, 9 July 2013

The things we do for our Girls....

The last few days it has been excessively hot, and DH and I have taken to sitting at the far end of the garden under the trees.  It's as cool as it's possible to be in our garden there,  and we have a cheap couples seat in place, the type that has a little table in between.

Tilda spends much of the day outside under the Pampas grass by the back door.  The last few days I have collected her and taken her down to the bottom of the garden with us.  There I attempt to get her to drink (she doesn't drink much, despite having a bowl of water placed beside her wherever she is), and she sits under one of the seats, or just on the grass near us.  

We can be seen by the Big Girls when we sit there, and they often line up along the netting and complain about not being able to get in.  (They complain even more when they see  Tilda sitting with us, but I digress).

Today I brought Tilda down and put her by the water bowl next to my seat. She ignored it and waddled into the grass and sat down.  DH joined us, and asked if Tilda had had a drink.  When I said no,  he got up,  got the bowl, and put it in front of her.  She ignored it.  So he lifted it up, and she had a little drink.  So DH stood there for several minutes while she did so. 
(I think the photo software has stitched several photos together to provide a little animation here)

The things we do for them!!

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  1. It's great Tilda has you to do those things for her! What a pretty much of girls you have.