Friday, 26 July 2013

Decisions made in the heat of the moment, part 1.

It's been unbearably hot for a while now.  Too hot to do anything, and for the first time in 7 years I found myself missing "going into the Office".  Or, specifically, I found myself missing the air conditioning.

DH and I had talked idly, some time ago, about whether we could put a ceiling fan in the kitchen.  It was only idle chat, and we hadn't really come to any conclusion.

I used to think ceiling fans were useless.  Noisy, wobbly,  ineffective, nasty things.   Many years ago on holiday in New Zealand,  we stayed in a motel which had ceiling fans in the rooms.  I was amazed to find that the ceiling fan (a) worked really well, (b) wasn't noisy, and (c) didn't wobble.    When we returned to the UK,  we bought one for the living room.  And, sometime later,  an enormous one for the bedroom.   The bedroom one, particularly, has been fantastic. (Sorry, I couldn't put off using that word any longer)

So.   The first (and literally) heat of the moment decision was to buy a mahoosive fan for the kitchen ceiling.   Ordered it Monday night, it arrived Wednesday morning and was fitted by Wednesday late afternoon.   We had to remove the "chandelier" from above the worktop, so I ordered one with a light (which I don't normally like).  I'm sorry to see the chandelier go, as it was very handy to hang things from.   Maybe I can relocate it to the other part of the kitchen later.

Fortunately for such a rash decision, the fan works really well. Fan technology has moved on quickly,  and the new one is lower energy,  has six speeds, can take an LED bulb (and is still dimmable) .

I'm wondering whether to upgrade the living room one now....

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