Wednesday, 17 July 2013

First Night

We went back to the allotment last night, just before 9pm, to see if the babies had managed to get themselves to bed.    It varies with each group - some  years they've gone in without any trouble, other years they've been unable to find their way in and have been very relieved to see us.

We stopped some way short of the allotment,  but where we could still see what was happening.   Henry and his 6 wives had gone to bed;  the Oldies had gone to bed, apart from Mrs who was still shuffling around.  I was relieved to see her go up into her coop some minutes later.

In the baby corral  the chicks were still up.  They were having a meeting at the bottom of the ladder.

After a few minutes cheeping, the meeting broke up.  Several of the chicks wandered off, and one of them wandered up the ladder.  And down again.  Then another one went up. And down.   And this went on for a little while.  Meanwhile, others were having a last-minute snack or drink;  and a few were clustered in small groups chatting quietly.

Eventually, one of them went in and stayed in.  There was then a succession of ins, until about 7 had gone in.  At this point, someone decided to take the spot by the door and wasn't budging which meant there was something of a blockage.  

Redhead paced around rounding up the other 3 chicks.  8 and 9 went in and then out again.

Part of the problem, I suspect, was that I'd put one set of roosting bars in.  At home a couple o fthem had been trying to roost on the divider between the two poo trays.  I thought that putting one set in would mean that those that wanted to roost could, those that didn't want to would still have plenty of space.

8 went in. 9 was in the doorway when 10 came up behind.  Redhead got on the ladder.   10 flew off the ladder then got on the bottom again. Then got off and flew in front of Redhead. 9 in. 10 in. Redhead in.

All done.

Clever babies! 

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