Friday, 5 July 2013

Mad dogs

It's soooo hot.    I nearly got heatstroke, just from going to the allotment and dosing the hens with Flubenvetted grapes.  

When I got back, I sat inside and drank lots of water.  And then, at DH's suggestion, I made some Garlic Scape pesto.   There's a tub full of layers in the freezer now, and I can't taste anything.  I scraped the bowl and put the scrapings on a piece of Ryvita.  It tasted really fresh and garlicky in a very green sort of way.  Now I can't taste anything, despite repeated teeth brushing.

The chickens don't like the heat.  The Littlees are hiding under a rosemary bush. The Bigees are resting under some shrubs.  Tilda is in the Go run, which has a shade over the top.    I popped out to check she was OK, and she looked uncomfortable.  So, despite the heat, I went into the back of the shed, rummaged around, and came out with a load of greenhouse shading.    

Firstly, I replaced the normal cover from the Littlees cube with a piece.  I'd obviously used it before, as it was the right size, it had a section cut out for the side door, and it was complete with Klingons and hooks.  

Next, I put a piece on part of the Bigees' Cube run.  And then I found another piece which I put on Tilda's run.

I've got another sheet of it, but no Klingons.    I might try foldback clips.  But I need a sit down in the shade first.

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