Saturday, 20 July 2013

The morning after

I got up this morning to let the Girls out of their run.  

Tilda wasn't with them.

I could hear her breathing, so I went to the Cube to see if she was inside - but she wasn't. She was standing on the verandah.   I assumed she couldn't make it down the ladder, so I opened the side door (which I put in the other day, did I mention that? ), picked her up, and lifted her down.   She ambled into the run to have something to eat.  

I looked carefully, and couldn't see any wounds.  I asked her if she wanted to come out, but she had her head in the feeder and ignored me, so I left her there.

Much later, Florence and Custard were moaning about something, and I went out to see what was up. I couldn't find anything.  I thought they might be complaining about Poppy hogging the nestbox with her extended broodiness, so I took Poppy out and put her in the run so she could have a drink and something to eat.   The others continued complaining.

Then I saw Tilda, in the cul de sac between the two Cube runs.  A god place to be because it was fairly shaded, but a bad place to be when you are the bottom of the pecking order.  No where to run, and too narrow to run past a chicken that is attacking you.  She looked OK - her tail was up. 

Florence walked down there and pecked her on the head, then walked off. 

Eventually Tilda shuffled out. Maybe she wanted rescuing?  I offered her a way out (I opened the side gate) but she shuffled past.

Is this it then?  Has she rejoined the flock?

Is that what the others are moaning about?

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