Friday, 26 April 2013

What goes on?

Tilda has been outside all day today, sitting in some shribs down the side of the house.  I've been out a few times to see if she would prefer to come in, but she doesn't want to.

Outside the back door we have a wicker sided planter, which currently hasn't been planted up.  It's divided into two compartments.  One has soil which has been rooked through (I think by the cat, but possibly by Tilda as she has been up on it before), and the other has compacted soil.  

I thought she might like a little rook, or a dust bathe, so I popped her on the loose side. She started to investigate with her head. I watched her for a moment, and then realised that the compacted side wouldbe more likely to have insects and grubs in,  so I swapped her over.

She stood motionless for about seven minutes. Nothing.

I went back outside and swapped her back into thefirst half.  Immediately she started burrowing and investigating.

Daft chook. She could easily have stepped back into it if she had wanted. Why did she wait 7 minutes for me to move her?!
 By the time I'd fetched my camera, she'd made a little nest to sit in.

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