Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Over exertion

One set of grandchildren live about an hour and a half away.  Not too far, but far enough that we don't get to see them as often as we should like, and should.  Day to day life for us and for their parents just gets in the way.

It was their birthdays recently, and DIL2 (their mum) suggested we might like to take them out somewhere for the day.    I had the bright idea of taking them to Go Ape,  as a new junior course had opened up about an hour from them.

So. Up early this morning so the chooks could have a run around before we left.  Chooks away, along with several peckablocks,  a couple  of cauliflowers which were quartered and hung with string from places in their run, a quartered lettuce, a squash, a swede, and some tomatoes.  I think the lettuce and tomatoes were eaten before I'd even got back into the house.

Hour and a half there, no real holdups, so that was better than expected. Cup of tea, chat, then we left. Hour ish to Go Ape.   Couple of times round that (once round it in my case. Not my thing at all, heaven knows why I thought it would be a good idea).  Then off to nearby castle to have lunch, which involved a very long walk to get there.  Negotiations about lunch, which I'm not used to, and attempts at manipulation, which I am.   Questions about "WHat would mummy say if you asked her?" were very helpful. And the Girls were accidentally very amusing.   

After lunch, they wanted some sweets. Fair enough, they'd been good, hadn't played up at all, hadn't asked for anything silly.   I gave them a £5 note to go and buy a tub of sweets (for £2.10).   A few minutes later, one came back just to check whether I had meant one tub to share, or one tub each, as there was enough money for one each.    "One to share". The disappointed messenger went back into the shop.    A long time passed, and they eventually came back with a tub.   They then earnestly explained that GD1 had wanted x and GD2 had wanted y and they couldn't fund a tub with both in, so they bought a tub of z instead.  I pointed out that this meant that neither of them got what they really wanted,  and they agreed, explaining that this way it was fair.  I kept a straight face, and pocketed the change.

A play in the fort (children, not us) followed, by which time it was starting to get very cold.   We had a"ferry" ride across the lake followed by a train ride back to the Gift Shop.   DIL2's mum had given them money to spend, and they were determined to spend it.  They failed, only spending about half of the money available despite trying very hard not to listen to my "you don't have to spend it today, you can save it for something when you get home" speech.

Hour drive back to their house, and then we had to leave immediately to try and avoid the traffic.  Bit more than an hour and a half home, but again we were really lucky.

I'm now shattered.  I'm getting old.

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