Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Making hay

The solar PV panels are performing even better than predicted, mainly because we opted to have micro inverters (one for each panel) rather than one overall inverter.  

I've been trying to get organised so that I do power-hungry things during the day, especially if the sun is shining.   Some things aren't too difficult to organise, like the washing... although I am finding that if it isn't sunny I delay putting the washing on,  and if it's brilliant sunshine and we don't have anything else running, I'll put on even a small load.   Fortunately I'm using some soapnuts liquid, which means that I can run on a quickwash successfully as the last rinse isn't necessary.

The hardest thing to get used to is using the dishwasher.  For as many years as we've had one, 9 times out of 10 we put it on at night and then empty it in the morning.  Now we're trying to organise it so we put it on before breakfast (or after, if there is still space for the brekkie things), and then unload at some point during the day.   It's better from an energy and cost point of view, as we're using electricity that we've generated ourselves rather than paying an electric company for it.... but it does mean we end up with dirty plates piling up on the side as the morning goes on.   Still, it's a small inconvenience.  

Thinking about it, if we get a good summer I can use the timer so it starts at 5.30 or 6am. There will be enough sunshine to power it (or most of it) by then,  and it'll be finished soon after breakfast.

I'm still addicted to the graphs. Every day I take a peek.  I'm sure that won't last.



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