Thursday, 11 April 2013

Last week - Thursday..

I started to write this post when work on the solar installation started...

I know it is only for  couple of days. I know  it will be worth it when it's done.  I know it can't be helped, omelettes/eggs, that sort of thing.  But I still find it wearing.

It wasn't too bad yesterday.  It's not really that bad today, except that today we have no electricity.  It's too cold to go and do something outside.  I've already been out and cleaned out the chooks,  cleaned and redone their waterers etc. 
I've decluttered a wardrobe.  I've sorted out stuff for the charity shop.  It's not worth cleaning.  I'm unable to settle with a book.   I'm stuck at home at least until DH gets back from doing the allotment chickens.

The scaffolding means that we don't get satellite, and the satellite isn't recording.  Sky Go means that we can watch some programmes live (without live pause or fast forwarding through the adverts,  reminded me why we record everything and start watching it 15 mins late).  Except Sky Go is only a subset of sky channels. No Castle!
I haven't felt this trapped for ages!

I didn't post it because I realised I was being a bit pathetic.   So, why have I posted it now?

Well.  The solar PV installation went swimmingly, despite the freezing temperatures. The guys were great, very neat and tidy.  

We had decided to have a voltage regulator thingummy installed at the same time.  Most of the installation went well, but it did uncover a problem somewhere in the house with the wiring. 

Long/short: delay in commissioning the solar PV

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