Friday, 26 April 2013

Making hay

Yesterday was the day earmarked for the first proper Cube deep clean of the spring.

Everything went well. The sun was hot so it driied things quickly.  I put the removable bits on to the terrace to jet wash them. The terrace, sadly, was covered in green stuff, algae,  from the winter.  I tried to jet wash a bit clean so that I could stand the items and wash them, but in the end I realised that I would need to jet wash the terrace completely.

So, I stopped doing the Cubes and did that.  It took ages.  It looks smart now, I wish I'd taken a "before" picture.
 (By the way, I refer to this area as the "terrace" because it is slightly raised,  and it differentiates is from the "patio" which is attached to the house).

I then jet washed the removable bits from both cubes, plus the spare roosting bars which hadn't been jet washed when they were swapped out. 

When everything was clean, and dryish, I sprayed Poultry Shield.

While this was drying, I looked at the pressure washer,  looked at the sunshine, and decided to make  hay.

I got the benches out of the Girls' run, and jet washed them.

Then I did the roof of the run.

And the path down the side.

And the path at the back.

And the run covers.

And my recycing box.

And my wheelie bin, which had just been emptied by the dustmen.

And the Girls' drinkers.

By this time, everything else was dry.  I rebuilt the Cubes,  dusted all the crevices with Diatom,  and put fresh Aubiose in the nest boxes and in the poo trays.

Then I topped up the Girls' dust bath with wood ash, play sand, and added some Stalosan (disinfectant powder), some Diatom,  and a sprinkling of lice powder (I love that smell).

I'd had enough by this point, so I put everything away and sat down with a glass of fizzy water (Soda Streamed) with a slice of cucumber.   The nutritionist who did my last colonic suggested that Cucumber works well as an alternative to lemon, and she was right, I've been drinking this for some months now.

Eventually I realised that my trousers were caked in carp,  so I shuffled off to have a shower.  And then I was back out there in the sunshine again.

I've just realised that the patio is also covered in algae.     Maybe when I do the Cubes again, in a month or so.

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