Saturday, 13 April 2013

Not going out

Not today, thank you.

She wouldn't go out until she'd had her mealworms, which was fair enough.  Then she wanted yoghurt (and yes, I do know this for a fact. She started scraping herbeak inside her empty yoghurt cup).  And then she wanted a fresh bit of Garvo.

When she'd finally run out of delays, I picked her up and stood her by the open back door. She stood with her beak outside, doing nothing.  I unpacked the shopping, which had helpfully arrived early, while I was in the shower.

When the shopping was away, I tried to encourage Tilda to jump outside. She did her surprisingly nimble shimmy, and wedged herself underneath one of the breakfast bar stools.

I'll take that as a no then. Well, I'll take it as a "not just now, thank you".

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