Thursday, 11 April 2013

Last Week - three days ago.

After much investigation, which included a lot of pulling out of furniture, socket testing, and  emptying a particularly full bookcase to get behind it,  the problem was isolated.
The Vphase thingummy was hooked up with no issues.

We couldn't get the solar PV commissioned until Wednesday, as we had a long standing date with two of the Grandchildren, and we hadn't seen them for some months.

The furniture was put back. The bookcase decluttered and refilled.  

Still no satellite signal due to the scaffolding, and Sky Go does not have all the channels.  I couldn't face watching Game of Thrones live,  the short segments and frequent adverts really spoil the programme for me,  so we prefer to record it and the FF through the ads.  And who knew that it meant we wouldn't be able to watch stuff we had recorded?! How rubbish is that, Sky?

Luckily Sky repeats things, so we can watch GoT later in the week.

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