Saturday, 27 April 2013

Made the postman jump

Housewifery this morning.   I popped out to the Ru to top up the Girls' feeders and, as I was closing the gate, Poppy flew on to my arm. Nothing unusual about that.  I carried her, Hawk Style, into the house to get her some corn as a reward, nothing unusual about that.  I didn't have any corn in the little converted milk carton scoop that I use, so I carried her into the Utility room to scoop some corn out of the corn bin. Nothing too unusual about that, she's been in there on my arm before.

As we were coming out of the Utility room, the doorbell rang. 

After a split second consideration, I decided I didn't have time to take Poppy back out,  I didn't want to put her on the floor, so I thought I'd risk  answering it.

The Postie was there with a parcel which was too big for the letterbox.

He gave it to me with his usual cheery smile,  I took it with my left hand, smiled back, and shut the door.  I didn't mention or look at Poppy . He caught sight of the large black bird sitting on my right arm, just as the door closed.

Not quite sure what he made of it. 

Wonder if he'll say anything next time?

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