Friday, 12 April 2013

Risking it

Tilda wasn't sure about going out this morning. She hesitated on the step, presumably trying to make up her mind. It was raining a bit, and she had lots to do.  In truth, it wasn't raining much, and I needed to clean out her pen, so I made the decision for her.

She started off by sitting next to the Girls, albeit on this side of the netting.  The Girls drifted off and drifted back, As the  morning wore on they travelled a bit round their area, and Tilda followed them along the fence line.  By lunchtime, she was sitting by the gate.

Reluctantly, I put her in with the Girls, and she made a dash for the run.  Custard started after her, so I intervened and shut the run door with Tilda inside and everyone else outside.   I got on with some housewifely stuff, and came out half an hour later to let Tilda out.  The Girls crowded round, naturally associating my arrival with something tasty.  I couldn't leave Tilda in there, so I put her back outside the fence.

After another half hour of housewifely stuff, I looked out to see Tilda standing with her bbeak pointing in to the gate.  I walked outside, not looking at the Girls, trying to look as though I was walking elsewhere in the garden. At the last moment I veered in, scooped Tilda up and popped her over the fence.   She ambled off into the Run again.

I left her outside, trying to keep an eye on her.   She appeared under the Pampas at one point, standing right next to everyone else.  Everyone was together, which was unusual - even without Tilda, it's unusual to have all of them sitting quietly together.  That lasted until the scaffolders arrived to remove the scaffolding.    The others disappeared to the Run, leaving Tilda under the Pampas on her own.

Time for her to come in, I think.

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