Friday, 19 April 2013


Wash had a very small puncture wound on his foot, between two of his toes.  Coulcn't tell ifhe'd trodden on something sharp, or whether he'd been bitten - but as there was no swelling we are assuming the former.

Antibiotic jab,  painkiller jab, and antiobiotics for the next few days. House arrest until Sunday.

Got home, let Isobel out.  She had obviously been storing things up, and had a bit of a problem.  It took ages to catch her as she was running round the house like she was being chased. Actually it was a bit of #2 that had got stuck.   DH managed to catch her (luckily for me) and sorted her out.

Wash refuses to do a number Two in the litter tray, and is getting a bit worked up.

We decided to let both cats out now, and we'll shut them in early this afternoon.

A few seconds later, Isobel dashed to the catflap, did an emergency stop on the ltter tray (which is right by the cat flap) and "did her business".  It was rather scary and she ran out of the catflap in panic.

Fortunately the litter tray is near the downstairs toilet.

Least said, soonest forgotten.

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