Sunday, 17 June 2012

What is it about a bit of Spring sunshine?

DH has gone to spend the day with DD, who is doing the Race for Life. She lives near enough to go there and back in a day, but it's  far enough away to make it necessary to get organised if we are going to visit. And we usually spend longer travelling than we do there.

It was dry and sunny this morning. I opened lots of windows to air the house, and then was overcome by the urge to clean.  I started with the living room. Life is much easier now that we don't have an open TV unit,  and since I used a couple of lidded storage baskets behind one of the sofas.   It was a mid-level clean: more than a swish and swipe,  not quite a spring clean. It did involve moving the sofas.

Whilst the floor in the first half of the living rom was drying,  I cleared the floor in the first part of the kitchen, and opened both french windows to let the sun in.  Much brushing, wiping, sweeping later, that floor was also wet.    So I cleared half the hall.

By this time, the living room floor was dry, so I put everything back, and moved stuff from the second half into the first half, cleaned and then washed that floor.  I'm now back in the kitchen about to re-dress the first half of the kitchen, ready to do the next section.  

Enthusiasm waning a bit, which is why I am procrastinating by writing this blog. 

The chooks are calling me....I...must...resist

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